The Avéne Thermal spring water spray offers you many different users, but which ever ailment you decide to use it for (dry skin, setting spray etc.) you will not be disappointed. The odourless spray is light and cooling without being overpowering. The Aerosol nozzle allows for direct spray which means that you will not waste it. I mostly used it at the end of the day when I needed a little freshen up but did not have time to do a full face. The instructions said to ‘pat your face’ after applying, but I found this unnecessary as one simple squirt was enough.
The spray is also nourishing and I noticed that I had to use less moisturizer in the morning than before. It is make-up free and does not alter or change the colour of your skin. On humid days I popped it in my bag and kept my shiny areas at bay. The other down size is that I would prefer a travel size (please say they have this!) so that I can carry it around with me on a night out on the town.
I used the product 3 times a days for three weeks and still have half a can left – cost effective!