This past weekend I received my order of Avon skin corrector pearls, Avon nail art decoration tool, Avon nail art brush & Avon nail buffer 3 in 1.

I cannot wait to put the pearls into test, have heard a lot about them. Need to compare between the Avon bronzer pearls & these ones I’ve just ordered.

They are said to be helping on getting a complexion that radiates perfection. Soft pearls with multi-benefit color correction technology to help perfect your complexion.

Each color pearl as explained;
Green reduces to neutralize redness
Purple revitalizes to counteract yellowness
Yellow Brightens to neutralize purple tones & under eye circles
White Highlights to illuminate the face
Peach balances to even out dark spots
I hope they do not get shiny on the face & delivers as advertised.

As for the nail art tools will put them to test today!

I shall post a review about these items soon…

Has any of you beauties tried them out already? Do share