By now everybody knows about Avon’s amazing Bronzing Pearls, however recently when they’ve relaunched the Avon Glow range with an even better, even more amazing Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls, which made the product a more popular product, which increased sales drastically.

The container has a see through bronzed colour container with a shimmer bronze hard lid which says “Avon Glow” in gold with the new Avon logo which is a beautiful sun. I chose the bronzing pearls in warm, because I didn’t want a bronzer which is too dark and makes me look darker.

The actual bronzing pearls are like little beads which sit in the bronzing container, and they are a mixture of a chocolate pearls, caramel pearls and a bright fresh sun kissed shimmer colour, and when you swirl a brush through the pearls it gives you an amazing colour.

I was very impressed with this product because the colour it gave my skin was light but effective and gave my skin a lovely sweet glow, I was also happy that the bronzing pearls container is smaller, so it’s easier to carry around.

For a perfect application. Apply the bronzer to cheek bones, forehead and nose, mainly because the light hits those places naturally and will give your skin a more amazing glow. I would recommend you give this product a try because it is really worth it, and nothing is better than a new and improved product!