After buying the nail tools from Avon I decided to try them out & put them to use. I had bought the fan brush, nail art tool, 3 in buffer.
Using the Essence The gel nail polish & Revlon Charlie nail polish, I created lovely art on my nails though it did not come out right on the left hand since I’m left handed but was pleased with the results on the right hand. I created these deign using both the decoration fan brush & the nail decoration tool, It was so easy I did not plan at all which art I was going to go for I just decided when I started my experiment with the tools.

Still to watch more videos from Hayleigh which I enjoy very much, just love her nail do’s!

I bought these tools from Avon Representative

Nail Decoration tool R20.00

Nail fan brush R20.00

3 in 1 buffer R29.99