I’m not a lipstick girl. At all. Sure I love the odd intense red lip or shocking Fuschia to add a pop of colour for a night out on the town, something only a good quality lipstick can provide. I tend to stick to tinted and sheer lip glosses and have have never purchased a lipliner in my life. So you are probably wondering why I do not like lipstick:

* My lips are left dry after lipstick has worn off (even the really moisturising ones)

* I find it a pain to apply straight from the tube (A lip brush is often needed for precise application)

* It comes off way to quickly meaning I constantly need to reapply and if I don’t, my lips will look washed out

* Long wear lipsticks often feels tight on my lips, cracks and is a nightmare to remove while leaving the top layer of my skin in tact.

So now that you know why I don’t like lipstick, here are my findings on Avon Color Rich Lipstick (This is me being open minded, honest and fair)…

I love the packaging The casing is a sleek black, elongated square tube with a clear Perspex cover on top which allows one to peek at the color – I think is huge plus as it gives you the opportunity to see the actual color before purchasing. This is completed with a classic silver trim upon which the iconic AVON logo is embossed. One opened and wound up, there is an AVON logo embossed on the lipstick which I think is really cute and a really great personal touch from AVON. Over all, 5/5 for the visually appealing packaging.

I wanted to experience the full effect of this lipstick, so in order to do that I needed to prep my lips. I exfoliated and primed to ensure a smooth base, I then proceeded to apply the lipstick in ‘Chic’ (straight from the tube without the help of a lip brush) and then finished off with my Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Mauve which complemented the color Chic beautifully! I then corrected any smudges or uneven lines.

I would like to start off with the formula. I think its absolutely awesome! I think this is by far the most creamy textured lipstick I have ever used (I may not like lipstick, but I have tried quite a few in my quest to find a good one)! Its an absolute joy to apply as the stick feels soft against my lips and the color just glides on with out fuss. The formula is really high pigmented so I see the color coming through from the first application. I applied 2 coats to achieve that intense rosy pink color as it really suited my complexion well!

The Lipstick has a really nice subtle aroma (very slight and nothing over whelming), I can’t quite place my finger on what it resembles, but non the less, a very pleasing smell. My lips looked nice and dewy which I really like.

I had a total wear of about 1hr30mins with either lipstick. In this time, I found that the lipstick moisturised my lips very well, even after the color faded, my lips were left soft and supple. The lipstick is very light weight, so It really was pleasure to wear and my lips felt hydrated, so I wasn’t even conscious that I had lipstick on, my lips felt as if they were able to ‘breathe’. The lipstick it self comes off way to quickly and transfers easily onto anything and everything that may touch your lips (accidentally or intended) – I found this hugely annoying. I had a packet of jelly babies and by the end of that, all that was left of my beautiful lip color was the lip liner out line. This told me a) I would constantly need to reapply this lipstick if I intended to wear the shade for long periods of time, b) The formula does not stain my lips c) The lip liner itself is durable and long lasting without drying out the lips.

So My very last and final thoughts??? Would I start to wear lipstick on a more regular basis? Definitely not. I think that this new Lipstick from AVON is definitely of a really good quality with high moisturising/pigment factors that allows lips to breathe, it just doesn’t stay on long enough to really leave me with a lasting impression. I love to kiss my husband/baby, but would think twice about doing so when wearing this lipstick. So I guess it would be purely for show, but not really functionality