Did someone say bold, rich and creamy lipstick? YES you’re right, it’s the new and improved Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick from Avon! This amazing lipstick which is known to be Avon’s Number One lipstick just got even better. This lipstick has True Colour Technology which means the rich colour that you see on the lipstick is the same colour that you see on your lips. The lipstick brings bold, mesmerizing, moisturising and a luscious look to lips. The lipstick is extra long lasting. The lipstick is also very moisturising and conditions lips, with its new lip nourishing formula which contains omega-3 oil and Vitamin E, plus it has an innovative self renewing pigment, so the colour stays true for hours and every time you look in the mirror, you’ll feel as if you just applied your lipstick.

The texture of the lipstick is smooth and creamy, the lipstick blends into lips effortlessly and feels like the lipstick is melting into your lips, because the lipstick is so nourishing, lips never look or feel dry, plus the lipstick works as a moisturiser which makes lips softer and gives lips a supple feel. The lipstick also gives lips a lovely light shine, and doesn’t bleed into lip lines, and an added bonus for all the lovely ladies who love to protect their lips, the Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick is SPF 15 so lips are protected as well! The part I love about the lipstick, is that when you twist out the lipstick, the front of the actual lipstick has the word “AVON” printed on the lipstick.

The lipstick comes in a gorgeous packaging which is sleek and perfect to take when you’re going out at night. The lipstick outer casing is glossy black, with a smooth feel and silky touch. The bottom of the barrel has a shimmering and eye catching silver embellishment which wraps around the casing and has the word “AVON” engraved on it. The rest of the barrel is also shimmering silver, which I thought was impressive because it gives the lipstick an extra expensive and luxurious look to it. The casing is square and the lid has a clear top so you can see the lipstick inside. The barrel also has small “click” lock, so once you hear the cap click down and you hear a “clicking” sound, you know the lid is secure and there will be no open lipstick, messing your make up bag. The bottom of the barrel has a small sticker which is colour coded according to the shade of the lipstick and states the colour of the lipstick. The lipstick is a twist barrel.

Now about my two amazing Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks, first up is Sangria, this shade is new to the Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks and is my favourite shade, it is more of an intense shade, which is vibrant, sensational, vivid and luminous. The shade is a deep fuchsia colour, which is a dark but vibrant pink/plum tone. This is quite a dark shade of lipstick, but it suits fair to medium skin tones brilliantly. The shade is more of an Autumn shade, but can be worn anytime. The shade is perfect to be worn as a day time or night time lipstick.

While on the other hand my second Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick Chic is a much lighter shade, Chic is more of a peach bronze colour, which I like because it suits my skin tone perfectly. I find Chic to be more of a Spring colour because the tone is more pastel like, with a slight deep bronze in it. Both lipsticks have a shimmer look to them, which I absolutely adore, because I don’t like plain lipstick, it must have a sparkle to it! The lipsticks deliver smooth and moisturising colour with a rich and luxurious feel. The lipstick can be used by itself or can be used over a lipliner similar to the shade of the lipstick and the lipstick can be used under a lipgloss for a sleek, glossy look. The lipsticks are very long lasting, and last on lips for about four or five hours, however if you use the lipstick under gloss, the lipstick will fade much more easily. Once the lipstick is applied on lips, it gives lips a “just applied” look everytime, even after eating or drinking, plus once the lipstick has started to fade, no one will ever know before you touch up because the lipstick has a slight lip stain on lips.

PRO’s and CON’s

Lipstick has a rich, vivid, luminous colour pay off
Lipstick has True Colour Technology
Lipstick conditions and moisturises lips
Lipstick contains Vitamin E
Lipstick contains Omega -3 Oil
Lipstick is SPF 15
Lipstick has self renewing pigments
Lipstick comes in a small casing, perfect to fit in clutch bags
Lipstick doesn’t bleed out of lip lines
Lipstick has colour that looks freshly applied all the time
Lipstick has a smooth and creamy texture
Lipstick casing is strong and classy
Lipstick casing has “click” lock to keep the lid secure
The lipstick doesn’t dry out lips
Can be used to create different looks
Lipstick comes in 10 amazing shades
Lipsticks can be used to create a daytime or nighttime look
Lipstick is easy to remove, wipe off using make up remover

Most of the shades have a soft shimmer, which some people don’t really like.
I also have a feeling that there isn’t enough lipstick in the barrel and like I will finish it in a month.

I would recommend you give this lipstick a try, it’s new and improved, and it’s here to help you steal hearts away! It provides sensational colour for long hours and will become your best friend! Plus there are 10 vivid shades, it’s hard to try and resist because there’s a shade perfect for every skin tone.