So I went crazy, I mean like psycho crazy when I got my hands on these Baby Lips, mainly because all the bloggers have been raving about them, and honestly after the first try, I truly understood why they rave about this beauty! I chose “hydrate” because it’s more of a moisturising Baby Lips and that’s exactly what I needed. The packaging is quite simple and eye catching. The packaging says “8 hour moisture”, the Baby Lips doesn’t actually stay on lips for long, but rather soaks into lips leaving them hydrated, soft and smooth. In just one day… I felt a difference in the condition of my lips. I was pleased to know that Baby Lips comes in SPF 20 which is good for Summer because lips need all the protection they can get.

The actual Baby Lips packaging is very colourful and eye catching, which is probably why everyone is obsessed with the product. I find the lip balm just too cute for words, and I probably will get every Baby Lips to collect. The barrel is a baby blue shade with a touch of vibrancy in it, while the lid is clear with the words “baby lips” printed in a retro text in a bright pink shade. The actual balm is white in colour but applies clear. I was very impressed with the balm because it applied smoothly and felt like butter melting onto my lips. The Baby Lips felt like a gloss on lips and have lips a good healthy shine. As soon as I applied the Baby Lips, my lips felt amazing, they had a lovely hydrated feel which is what I’m always looking for in a lip balm.

The texture of the lip balm is very smooth, and the Baby Lips has a very fair amount of petroleum in it because you can get the scent, but as long as it does an amazing job in keeping lips hydrated…I’M NOT COMPLAINING! The Baby Lips has a very light scent it’s a very pleasant smell and I like it because it isn’t overwhelming. So I’ve been using the Baby Lips for just over a week now, and I’m quite impressed with the results. My lips feel absolutely AMAZING!!! My lips are definitely softer, smoother and strangely I find them looking much more plump.

I would definitely recommend you to get these Baby Lips because I finally see what all the hype is about. It’s not your average lip balm, this is like a lip balm on steroids! The secret is that the Baby Lips has an exclusive lip renew formula and even the packaging stated “For adult use only” which at first worried me a little. I will admit the Baby Lips does actually make you feel like your lips are virtually reborn. This is an amazing lip balm and everyone should really invest in it.