The Miss Manga Mascara has me looking like a doll fresh out of the factory. The brush is well-shaped to reach even the tiny lashes at the inner corners of my eye, and the formula extends my lashes well beyond their natural length.

One of the extreme downfalls of the product is the packaging, particularly the misleading colours. I bought this mascara at a sale and grabbed whatever I could for a fraction of the selling price. The lid was a pink shiny cover. Only when I returned home did I realise that I had in fact purchased the L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Mascara in the colour Turquoise. This is in small print on the cardboard that the mascara comes attached against.

Now while I do enjoy funky looks occasionally (the brightly coloured lashes do attract a lot of attention), this was not what I had expected and had I paid the full price of R150, I certainly would have returned it. Be mindful to read the packaging fully before you purchase.

I also usually enjoy the waterproof mascaras as they do not leave me looking like a raccoon whenever I try to wash them off, but this is another downside of this mascara. It takes more than just face wash to remove.

On the whole (if you buy the right colour), this mascara is wonderful. It is worth the money if you don’t mind using an eye make-up remover when you need to remove. The effect is worth it!