I must admit that I usually steer clear of eye make-up, but that has not stopped me from admiring beautifully made up eyes! When I first saw this nifty eye make-up, I was mesmerised as it was so beautiful! I was super excited to try it out as it really looked quite easy to apply. Let’s just say that I was blown away by the glitzy results! With just one luxurious application of the eye shadow, my entire eyelid was caressed with gorgeous and creamy colour, with just the right about of sheen. Step 2 involved the fun part, the application of the glitter eye liner, which added the wow factor. So in short, this eye makeup treat really delivered exceptional results! I received many compliments and I felt that my brown eyes were enhanced by the coppery shade. With regards to the staying power of this eye art pen, let’s just say it lasted me from morning to well after noon! So the price, the results and the ease of application makes this a winner and a must-have product for every Hollywood dreamer:)