Indeed, Avon kept to the infinite promises for this night cream.
My skin has less visible breakouts; is more luminance and wrinkle’s are less visible.
As a bonus my make – up now glides on without accentuating my wrinkles.
I’ve noticed the oiliness of my skin doesn’t appear unhealthy – neither too oily nor too dry.
I found that the consistency of both creams were not as thick as other high – end retinol products that I’ve used before, therefore not clogging my pores, it also felt silky yet light and has a pleasant scent.


Within the first three days of usage I had a negative reaction around my lip and chin area (which is usually a sensitive area for me) with phase-one – the use of the Phyto complex cream. My skin was red and itchy around these areas.
I used it for only three days and went on to phase-two for a longer period of time, (about eleven days), since my skin was already used to retinol, my skin quickly recovered.
I was then able to use phase-one the following week after phase-two without any sensitivity.
When undergoing a retinol treatment, you will most likely experience some sort of sensitivity initially.

Would I use it again?:

The splendor about this cream is that my skin’s healthy radiance is continually heightened week after week, proving that Avon Anew is a game changer in skincare.


It’s quite seldom that you find a beauty bargain with all promises fulfilled.
Honestly, my skin not only looks healthy, but feels softer, smoother and firmer.
Avon is not going to set you back much to try this one out – and who knows, like me – you might be pleasantly surprised with the overall results.