Being a mom to two and almost at my thirties, I would have thought that I was past pimples. But that was not the case. A friend of mine had suggested I give Benzac AC 5 Gel a try.

I was impressed firstly at the price being really affordable – this was a product I could easily add to my monthly beauty purchases without exceeding my budget. As directed, only a small amount of gel is needed for the pimple. The gel itself is smooth, odor-free, easy to apply and absorbed really quickly, leaving no residue. The pimple was drastically reduced in size by the next morning. I was also impressed that my skin tolerated the Benzac well without any dryness or any side effects.

I have now been using it at night for a month, only ever needed when a pimple arises and I am very impressed with the Benzac AC 5 gel. It is value for money and a little gel goes a long way! It works really quick and is my overnight miracle product.