I’ve never really been too keen on BB Creams. In fact, I am terribly fussy about any product I use on my face. But, after trying out the new POND’S Flawless Radiance BB Cream in Chocolate, I understand the hype about BB Creams.

What I really loved about this product was the fact that it was so light and blended into my skin perfectly. It made my skin look fresh and luminous, and it didn’t leave any residue or leave my skin feeling oily. Also, it has the most amazing, invigorating smell!

I did, however, find that it didn’t give me that instant colour coverage that I really wanted. So, I wouldn’t exactly agree that this BB Cream was expertly designed for African skin. The BB Cream was dark and chocolatey out of the tube, as expected, but very transparent once it was smoothed into my skin. This isn’t a bad quality though. It just means that this BB Cream will suit just about every skin tone. What could be better than that?

With regards to evening my skin tone and reducing dark marks, I have yet to find out. Other than that, I am very satisfied with this BB Cream, and would recommend this all-in-one GenActiv™ COVER formula and SPF 30 advanced sunscreen protection skin care solution to all BB Cream addicts.