The best thing about this product, is that it saves me time and saves my cleanser. Before washing my face in the evening, it easily removes my makeup, and therefore I use/waste much less of my costly cleanser. I feel it gives my cleanser the opportunity to thoroughly cleanse my skin and work its magic, rather than first having to wade through the makeup etc before being able to do its job. I was surprised at how refreshed and soft my skin feels after using it, and even though my skin (and eyes specifically) are very sensitive, this product has not irritated my skin or my eyes whatsoever. Many other makeup removing products dry out my skin and/or eye area…this certainly does not! My hubby is lazy when it comes to washing his face in the evenings, but I have convinced him to use this in the evenings to “remove the day”, and even he says he feels refreshed after using it. Will definitely continue to repurchase!