In such an over saturated market, it is hard to find a truly amazing lip balm. But ladies, this is it!

I first started using the classic Eight Hour Cream as a lip product when I was taking roaccutane many years ago. I’m sure anyone who has been there knows that almost nothing helps for the dry chapped lips associated with this medication. But luckily I had been warned and was armed with this trusted product and it literally saved my lips! Even though I needed to apply every few hours, it did the job beautifully!

Then when I needed a replacement, I was advised to try the lip balm rather than the classic cream. I was sceptical to deviate from what I loved, but I must say the lip balm is even better. To compare the two: The lip balm is much less glossy (which is a good thing), it is more expensive per volume, is has a beautiful minty taste which tingles ever so slightly, it lasts a really long time!

The advantage of the classic Eight Hour Cream is that you get more product for your money and you can use it on your hands (it is a miracle worker for dry cuticles!) and other areas of the body. Many people use it as a lip balm as well, but the taste is not great and it looks very glossy (almost watery). Despite this it is still a fantastic option if you cant get your hands of the Lip Balm.

A must have in my opinion!