In my 30’s with a hormone deficiency, I still struggle with oily skin prone to spots.
I tried Neutrogena’s visibly clear spot clearing facial wash. The lightly fruity yellowish gel foamed easily and the smell is so calming. From the first use I could feel that my skin is not that oily anymore and by day 3 my skin was clearer. The pump action bottle easily turns to open and close and the 200ml bottle is great for travelling. I like it because I make my face feel matt and I know my skin is clear and feels great for the whole day. I can honestly say that for me there is nothing not to like about this product. I would recommend it to anyone with problem skin that wants clear great feeling skin even with make up on! I usually wear lots of makeup to cover up my skin. My makeup regime is much lighter now and I’m actually saving time in the morning. I’ve got lots of compliments on my clearer skin. It divinity worked for me. Will definitely buy again! Best Neutrogena product I’ve used. 10 out of 10.