I have struggled  with a dry skin my whole life and have tried many products in the past – even Dove with a 1/4 moisturiser body soaps and moisturisers – but none worked. One of my friends told me about this product and I decided to get myself a bottle. So I first just bought one small bottle as I was very skeptical about this, as all of the previous products promise you it works. The bottle and all the wording told you exactly what to do and how to use this product. I have tried it and it works. My skin normally looked good with the other products for about an hour after applying it to my skin, and then just went dry again. With Nivea in shower rich body lotion my skin feels soft it looks soft and it looks moisturised. The dry crack lines on my skin have disappeared in 2 weeks time! I have just bought another bottle and will continue to use this as long as I can get my hands on it!