My first ever nail product was a Sally Hansen Miracle Growth treatment I got from my mom when I was very young. I know Sally as my go-to brand for nail treatments and was more than happy tp try their nail polish. I got the black varnish. Firstly, they were very generous with the amount of polish you get. I got an even opaque black finish after only 1 coat which is rare with dark polishes. I have never seen a black polish that was this black. It looked polished and shiny. Very neat. The only downside is the drying time. It is quite a thick varnish so be careful. Sally has a quick dry product that you could purchase though. The staying power is medium to good depending on how rough you are on your hands but nothing too special. The product tends to thicken up a lot over time but I just add a drop of cutex remover to the bottle, shake it up and it goes right back to normal.I think if you took very nice care of your hands, you could get a few days’ more wear out of it.