This amazing little pencil is nifty and super cute, the actual pencil is slightly thick, and comes with two lids. One lid opens up a sharpner to keep your lip pencil in tip top shape, while the other lid opens up your amazing lip pencil.

When applying the lip pencil to your lips, it has a sharpened curve, which helps getting a perfect fit around your lips and Cupid’s bow. The reason the lipstick is called 2 in 1 Lip Pencil, is because it can be used as a lip liner or a lipstick depending on your mood.

The colour I received is JUM04 which stands for Jumbo Pencil colour 4. The colour is a beautiful nude mixed with a red and once it goes onto lips it gives lips a lovely burnt peach look. The best thing about the lip pencil is that it gives lips an amazing velvet feel once it’s applied onto lips. And the box does state “This 2 in 1 lip pencil (sharpner provided) glides on the lips to both define contours with high precision and coat lips with an intense semi matte veil”. Which is exactly what it did, my lips felt like they were coated in a silky mixture without feeling thicker heavy, which is what I like, because I can’t use lipsticks which make my lips feel thick and waxy.

Glides on smoothly
Has a slight shine finish
Doesn’t feel heavy
Doesn’t need a lot of reapplication

Does transfer onto glass wear.

Unfortunately the lip pencil does leave traces behind, but a lot of the colour stays onto lips, so this 2 in 1 lip pencil has officially become my new favourite lippie:)