This foundation is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Available in various shades that range from 1 to 15, I got the colour number 14….which is perfect for me.

The foundation has a thin creamy consistency that is easy to squeeze out of the tube. The foundation is very easy to blend into your face and does not create streaky lines if you blend it in well. I use my fingers for this foundation as it gives me control over how much to apply and it makes blending in the foundation much easier.

I absolutely love how PERFECT my skin looks after applying this foundation. Normally, the foundations I have tried give me a grey-ish and unnatural looking finish. But this one makes me look like I am glowing from within. The slight red under-tone of the foundation looks better on my skin than the yellow under-tone of most other foundations.

Also, because it is a cream foundation, it is perfect form my dry skin.

You need to be careful not to touch anything when you use this foundation and be prepared to spend a minute or two thoroughly washing your hands if you use them.

This foundation gets a 10/10 from me!