I have at last found liquid eyeliner that I need not worry about. First of all, there’s no mess. Application is a dream and lasts the whole day without any retouching. The first stroke though is not 100% black, but then again I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my make-up. The third time round, it gives a perfect black that I’m happy with.

The tip doesn’t leak or drip as some do. But not only does it keep mess at bay, you can make the tip thinner or thicker as desired. This is revolutionary in my world, as I can draw lines and create angles as I want without having to use a cotton bud to erase mistakes made.

Application is effortless and comfortable to wear. It doesn’t flake or fade during the day.
Love it!

My facial routine hasn’t changed at all after using my Superliner Blackbuster. It’s easy to remove with lukewarm water. It comes off with a facial wipe as well. No excessive rubbing, just a couple of strokes and it’s off.

I apply my own make-up. I prefer it that way (well, until I get a personal make-up artist), so applying it myself is easy. It also helps that the applicator is bigger than usual eye liners, as I have more control during application. It is smudge-proof as soon as it dries. How awesome is that!

I’ve traded my old liner for the Superliner! Maybe you will too.