The name Batiste Dry Shampoo freaked me out a little when I was recommended to try it out for my oily hair. I must admit, washing my hair everyday is the only way my hair stays fresh, but now that I’m using this dry shampoo, it has become my greatest life saver. Oily hair is a complete no no in my rushed mornings and there is just no excuse for bad hair days now!

All you have to do is shake the can of spray like a complete retard for about a minute, and spray it on your hair, your hair will have a slight whitish look and will look dull, but no worries. Massage gently into your hair and then brush off with a paddle brush.

Pro: glossy hair with a freshened look

Con: leaves hair with a slight whitish look until your next wash

Still worth a try! Try the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. Which leaves hair with a sweet smelling scent