When I received this product I was a bit skeptical When I saw that the tip looked like a felt tip, to my surprise it is amazing! The tip may appear thick at first, but it is actually really fine. It helps perfectly to create either a thick or thin line on the eyes. It goes on very smooth on the eye and it has a firm hold, allowing your eyeliner to be perfect. The colour is pitch black allowing it to give the perfect bold look, as it sticks to its word!

The packaging is very strong, and the size would be a little more less than a normal pen. It worked perfectly not only on my skin but a few others that I’ve tried it on, resulting in no funny allergic reactions. I find that this eyeliner pen works great with many skin tones, and any age!

I had it on the entire day, without it smudging or losing colour, in fact in order to remove it I had to use soap and water, or one can simply use a makeup eraser or a makeup remover, water itself will not suffice which is another heads up for all working class ladies.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a great product at a good price. It doesn’t dry out as easily as other eyeliner pens, and that’s what impressed me the most!