B.O.N. stands for Busby Oils Natural. The pure tissue oil is amazing and it is the first tissue oil where I’ve seen results in just one month. The tissue oil is very moisturising and helps skin, soon after use you will see a huge improvement in skin quality. The liquid gold tissue oil contains avocado, grape seed and rose hip oils to keep skin in a beautiful condition. This pure tissue oil is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

This tissue oil is absolutely rich and the texture is lovely and silky smooth, the oil itself is a beautiful gold colour, hence the name Liquid Gold. The tissue oil comes in a clear bottle which is embossed with the Busby Logo. The bottle comes with a white spray nozzle and a plastic lid to keep the nozzle away from dust, the spray nozzle makes it easier to apply the oil, rather than having the oil leak all over and create a mess.

The oil needs to be massaged well into warm skin to absorb better, I would recommend using the oil straight after coming out of the bath. Once the tissue oil is massaged well into skin, there is no oily residue left on skin and skin feels well moisturised, as well as has a light fragrance which makes skin feel fresh and clean. The tissue oil can be used twice a day to see better results.

I’ve been using this tissue oil for just over three months and the results are absolutely out of this world, it has improved my skin drastically and it feels as if I have a completely new skin. My stretch marks have vanished, the scarring which I had has vanished and my dehydrated and eczema scars are LONG GONE!

I would really recommend you give this tissue oil a try because the Liquid Gold Tissue Oil is nothing short of amazing! For the results you’re getting, you must have this tissue oil, especially now that it’s colder and skin needs much more hydration than in the warmer months.