I just love the name of this product: Hug S’ and Kisses. Who doesn’t like getting hugs and kisses or feeling loved and these colours are just that. Love! The Catrice Sand Nudes Eyeshadow comes in a thin rectangle plastic case and the palette has six neutral shades ranging from light to dark. It is compact and not bulky at all and because of this, you can just slip it into your handbag and take it along with you for any touch ups that you might need to do. The range of shades is great as they compliment any skin tone. The colours work in harmony from light to dark. All the colours work really well together and can be mixed and matched depending on the look you are wanting to create. The colours blend really well and are really long lasting. I love the pearl sheen of the light nude and how it shimmers in the light. It is the perfect shade to use as a highlighter and draws attention to the emphasised area. There is a perfect balance between the matte shades and metallic colours. There’s a warmth in the colours especially in the darker shades and it is so inviting. I can’t help but think of sunsets when I see the peachy nude shade in the centre. You can create a wide range of different looks with the six shades provided. I love the softness of the different shades in the palette and how they are perfect for creating soft, subtle, romantic, dramatic and natural looking make-up looks. It is very versatile as you can create both daytime and night-time looks. The darker brown shades when used for a night time look are perfect for Smokey, more dramatic types of a look. What I have found to be really helpful is the tip and step-by-step on how to create the sand look that was included on the back of the packaging. I think the tip is really clever and you do not need to be a pro at doing make-up to create a stunning look. This palette set has become my go to set and is fast tracked to being my all time favourite set. The colours are just so lovely and blend so well together. It makes applying eyeshadow effortless. I am really enjoying using it and the double-ended brush also works great. I hate the short stubby brushes you usually seem to get with eyeshadow palettes. Your fingers hold them haphazardly and it never seems to make application simple or effortless. Thankfully this is not the case with the Catrice eyeshadow brush! The longer length is great to hold in your hands and the two different brushes work really well and make application a breeze! I’m really impressed with this set and I will be looking out for more Catrice sets to add to my collection. I think it is well worth spending money on and it’s a quality product and pleasantly affordable! I rate this product a high 9 out of 10 and think it is brilliant!