This product is literally like magic to me, since I have really thin eyebrows. It comes in good packaging, with the pencil on the one side and the eyebrow brush on the other side. In order to enjoy this product, you have to first apply the pencil to your eyebrows and then brush it out, this gives such a great natural look to the eyebrows.

It’s a bit difficult to apply to the eyebrows though, because if you apply too much pressure you will end up with dark lines, so it’s best to use this very gently.

It worked for me as it gave me a more fuller look to the eyebrows. However if you have thick eyebrows, I do not suggest that you use this. It will give you a very heavy look, making it look very unappealing.

It stays on the whole day, and when it’s time to wash it off, all it requires is water, makeup remover or a makeup eraser.

I would recommend this to people who have almost no eyebrows and want that natural thick look to it.

It comes in a variety of colors, whether you have light or dark hair.