I have never owned an expensive lipstick in my life. MAC Matte Lipstick – Candy Yum Yum was my very first. I saw it on a friend a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it out myself and I have to admit I was VERY skeptic to spend R210 on a MATTE lipstick. I have VERY dry lips and I am kinda addicted to lip balms so for me to spend so much money on a lipstick that might leave my lips even more dry was a little worrying. Nevertheless, I was more in love with the color to have any worries about the dryness. I moisturized and exfoliated my lips really well before I applied it for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. Candy Yum Yum has made its impressive mark on my pout! The color lasted for a good 5-7 hours and even when the color started fading it still left a light pink stain on my lips that looked good too. I love the fact that it didn’t get flaky or dried my lips out more than they are. The color is so striking and REALLY makes good first impressions. I have done a little research before I went and bought it and to me it looks like Candy Yum Yum really is a very versatile color and suits just about any kind of skin color which I thought was really great. I have a very light skin tone and really battle with lip stick shades because they can either make me look really good or really horrible. Candy Yum Yum is very pigmented and the application felt creamy and rich to me. I love it. Would highly recommend it and I think its a R210 well spent <3