This brush is amazing, absolutely amazing. The first thing I really love about the gel eyeliner brush is that it’s a two way brush. On one side of the brush is the original eyeliner brush, which is fine and slanted, it helps create the perfect gel eyeliner look, while on the other side the brush is curved, so you can create a more intense look without bending your hand!

I find the curved end of the brush much easier to use because I can have my hand straight and still get a perfect, well defined line. The bristles on both the slanted eyeliner brush and the curved eyeliner brush are both soft and gentle, they don’t irritate eyes or poke or hurt eyes.

The brush retails at R35 which is a reasonable price because it will change the way you apply gel eyeliner from the moment you try it out. The brush has a long enough space to be held which ever way you want to use it, which is a good thing because I find it much much easier now than I used to find it to apply eyeliner.

I would really recommend you try this brush out, it’s perfect to apply gel eyeliner, and if you’re patient enough, you can also try it with the liquid liner or glitter eyeliner. It’s a one of a kind brush and it comes in a clear pouch to keep your brush safe in your make up bag away from bacteria. This is a must have for all gel eyeliner lovers, once you’ve tried it…you’ll wonder how you’ve been living without it.