I actually just purchased this product to match an outfit and not because it was a wet and dry eyeshadow. But when I went home I was taking a better look at my cosmetic purchases and I was so excited when I read that this product can be used wet and dry.

I’ve used normal eyeshadow with a damp eyeshadow brush because I was told it intensifies the colour, giving your eyes more colour and a more long lasting effect, but I haven’t really seen that, I also don’t normally purchase marble eyeshadow.

I used this eyeshadow dry to the wedding I bought it for because I didn’t want my eye make up to look too over done, but I was surprised that this eye shadow gave me the most amazing colour with no creasing or fading, plus the colour was so intense and gave my eyes a beautiful bronzed shimmer look which I really can’t get over.

Since I had some time to play, I applied this eyeshadow with a damp applicator and WOW the colour was so amazing and intense (much more than when the product was dry) it gave my eyes more brightness and more definition!

I would really recommend you give this product a try, it’s an amazing product and gives eyes a completely different look. Plus this eyeshadow is completely inexpensive and costs R29 for a baked single shadow.