My war against oily skin is a never ending battle.. I leave the house looking fresh and mattified but by the afternoon it is always return of the shine! :/
At first I was admittedly sceptical that Cetaphil oil control foam wash would be able to finally win this war against sebum station, and after 3 weeks of use I wouldn’t say its a victory but it defiantly is an improvement!
The clear, foaming liquid is refreshing and clean on the skin and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or too dry. And a little drop really goes a long way.
I only used it once a day (in the evening).
I cant say whether it was helpful in preventing breakouts as my skin goes through random stages of clear and not clear so its very hard to relate it to a specific problem… I would only be able to tell after about 6 moths of use.
I think that combined with an oil control moisturiser, Cetaphil Oil control foam wash can be the perfect alliance to defeat the shine monster once and for all!