Luxurious, silky, glossy and INTENSE. This is the NEW and amazing Chubby Stick. Clinique’s well known moisturising colour lip balm, has just gone bold, bigger and better. I’ve fallen in love with this amazing lip balm and it’s a favourite in my handbag and make up bag.

So what’s so special about the Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm?
Well this amazing balm gives luscious and flawless colour to lips with a simple and sleek stroke. The colour gives lips shades of brightness with its rich and creamy colour, which nobody can really resist. Besides colour, lips are drowned in beautiful moisture, leaving lips soft and smooth with radiant colour.

So everything about this chubby stick is simply luxurious, from the box, which as a smooth matte finish which I love. (I have a collection of the boxes cause they so cute) The box has the ‘Clinique’ name in a shining silver embossed print, while the rest of the info is in a beautiful black. Once the box is open, you’ve found heaven. The chubby stick has a lovely smooth feel, hard plastic outer, with a shiny shimmering silver twist at the bottom and a large shimmering silver cap which protects the beautiful and preserved chubby stick which awaits your application. The chubby stick tube is the colour of the lip balm and contains all the information about the chubby stick in an eye catching silver writing.

The Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in general has a really classy and expensive look, while the actual lip balm itself is a completely different world. The chubby stick has a slight tip which allows perfect application to lips, once the tip is used you can sharpen the actual balm to create a tip, however it waste a lot of the product so you can do what I do. Once you’ve worn down the tip of the chubby stick, every time you apply it, simply roll it onto your lips to recreate the tip.

The colour is rich and really creamy so you don’t need to apply a lot, however frequent use of the product makes you really addicted to the balm, and you’ll find every excuse to slick this sexy balm on your lips. It’s nourishing and shimmering so no matter what may come your way, you’ll always face it with moisturised lips with a lovely intense amount of colour. The colour I chose is 06 Roomiest Rose which is a pink and red mix. I really love the way it feels on my lips. It’s smooth and silky like.

PRO’s and CON’s

Allergy tested
100% fragrance free
The chubby stick is moisturising
The chubby stick is nourishing
Intense colour
Luxurious packaging
Lips feel smoother
Available in 8 colours

The chubby stick is expensive
The colour transfers
There is only 3g of balm

I would recommend you give this product a try, it is quite pricey – retails for R215 per a chubby stick. However the colour and moisture it provides lips is really unique and the experience is really one of a kind and really really exciting. I promise nothing can be more exciting than opening the chubby stick box and seeing a brand new chubby stick (makes me feel like a kid again)