I was lucky enough to be part of a month long trial with Clipinhair Extensions. I had a 12 inch Indian Remy wavy weave, and received 8 wefts of 20 inch Indian hair, off-black wavy extensions which matched my current weave colour and texture perfectly. I wasn’t sure how the extension would look incorporated into my weave or if you would be able to tell that I had hair that was 2 different lengths but I put my trust in the Clipinhair ladies and the results were amazing.

I had the extensions put in at their Garden’s salon and was able chat with the team about my concerns; learn more about their products and brand. The ladies were also talked me through caring for the extensions as well as how to style them – which came as a great help later on. As I already has a weave in, I had concerns that it would cause bumps in my hair as I wasn’t sure how they would clip in the extensions in between my track but the ladies showed me the best way to put them and made it look so easy.

My first experience putting them in myself did not go to well and I struggled a bit getting them into the right place so you wouldn’t see the wefts or have bumps but the second time I did it myself it didn’t take me long to clip them in. You couldn’t see the difference in lengths at all and it honestly looked like I had in a 20 inch wavy weave. As I grew in confidence in wearing the extensions, I began to experiment with different looks and styles using the video tutorials on Clipinhair’s Facebook and website.

What I loved about the extensions was that they allowed me to switch out my look and I also received a set of clip in bangs, which I had great fun playing around with. When I wore them to a group lunch with friends, I received several compliments about the quality and look of my hair and while I basked in the compliments I confessed my little secret and my friends couldn’t believe it. I explained the process of putting them in, looking after them and just how awesome they were and didn’t affect my day-to-day hair routine. Putting in extensions into a weave were not something they had ever considered so they were really impressed with the quality of the extensions and how naturally they fit into my hair and that could you not see a difference at all.

As I mentioned before having the extensions also didn’t affect my hair routine, which was great because ethnic hair care is very precise and there is a routine to stick to if you don’t want to cause long term damage to your hair. I was able to wash them same day as I washed my hair and they were dry and ready for use by the next day and I could straighten and style them with my GHD’s. The handy hanger meant every time I took them out I could hang them up and braid them to maintain the wave and easy storage! I was lucky enough to receive a shampoo and conditioner specifically created to use with the extensions as well as a tangle teaser brush which am now so in love with.

The only con I had with the extensions was that as I already had a weave in, I found when I had certain styles, I got a headache if I had them on for a whole day as they pulled on my tracks, but if I wore them loose I could wear them all day and even forget I even had them on. Clipinhair extensions are great for day-to-day use or save them for a special occasion or when you just want to switch up your look. You will not be disappointed by the quality, versatility and ease of use.