By night it works naturally with the skin’s own rhythms and begins to significantly reduce the look of dark spots, sun spots, post-acne marks, dullness and redness. By day, the antioxidants help defend against the damage that can cause future spots. This serum is lightweight and moisturizing, and therefore suitable for all skin types. It has a very nice feel on the skin and a very convenient packaging (for use and to preserve the active ingredients), and that’s why it’s a pleasure to use it. This serum is loaded with antioxidants and ingredients that reduce the appearance of dark spots. The ingredients match the claims of the serum, and if you use it daily, you will see that gradually your skin will become more even and brighter. Typically with these kind of serums, to fade dark spots and even skin tone you will need about 1 month to see results. Key Ingredients include: a Vitamin C derivative (spot lightener, improvement of the appearance of sun-damaged skin, reduction of inflammation, promotion of collagen production); mulberry extract (spot lightener); Turmeric extract (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, prevention of sun-induced skin aging) and one of my favourite ingredients, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract, which reduces inflammation and has some antioxidant properties. I also found a few studies that showed that Turmeric extract could have some photo-protective properties and prevents UVB-induced skin aging. Curcumin, the main curcuminoid present in Turmeric, has also been shown to have significant wound healing properties and to be useful in skin dyspigmentation treatment. Salicylic Acid (BHA) is another interesting ingredient here. It’s an effective keratolytic/exfoliant, but it’s also an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory molecule. It can unclog pores and improve skin cell turnover rate. Being a loyal Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair client, I have already noticed positive results and trust the brand. My skin has really recovered from sun damage and my skin tone has started looking and feeling fresher, and more hydrated!