This Dark and Lovely Braids Conditioning Spray has been developed to provide relief for a dry and itchy scalp, as well as to help protect your natural hair under the braids or in a plaited hairstyle.

Any woman who has had braids or cornrows will understand how itchy their scalp can become. This is why braid sprays are so popular.

The Dark and Lovely Braids Conditioning Spray comes in a bottle with a spray nozzle, just as other braid sprays do, and is very easy and comfortable to handle.

I applied it directly to my scalp and immediately felt relief, and a lovely cooling sensation from the spray. It has a lovely, but subtle, fruity scent.

It not only provides relief for my scalp but I also spray it onto my braids, and it gives them a refreshing scent.

This is definitely my favourite Braids Conditioning Spray at the moment and will be buying it again in the future.