The Dark & Lovely Hair Refresher spray has been developed to help keep your braids and weave smelling and looking fresh. The fragrance boosted moisturising spray has natural oils to help add shine, moisture and a fresh scent.

It comes in a plastic container that is easy to handle. It has a spray to help evenly spread the refresher onto your braids or weave. The spray’s scent is similar to that of baby powder and the texture is non-greasy.

The first time I used the hair fresher was after a braai. I did not have time to wash my hair, and I used the spray to mask the smell of the smoke. I evenly sprayed it and my braids instantly had a fresh smell.

However, the scent did not last all day, but the smoke smell was not as strong as it had been earlier. Another spray was necessary to keep my braids smelling good.

Because the formula is non-greasy, there is no product build-up, unlike other braid sprays. You do not need to spray much, so a 150ml container can last you 2 months. These are some of my favourite things about this hair refresher and also the reasons why I would definitely buy it in the future.