I was so excited to use this product, because I wanted ombre hair for a while but hate going to the salon.

The packaging looked great, I loved the design of the leaflet, it felt very luxurious using it. It was easy to apply and idiot proof, although I would’ve liked more tips and instructions on the leaflet.

The gloves were good quality and the aplicator brush that’s included came in handy and worked really well.

The smell was unbearable at times and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The product burned my skin on my neck when my hair was against it.

I have quite dark hair (dyed) so I left the product on for the maximum amount of time and went to go rinse and wash it with the shampoo that was included. The shampoo dried my hair out a lot ( even at the roots where no bleach was applied). My hair did not come out as light as what I hoped (reddish brown) which was disappointing. so I decided to do a second application after a month of letting my hair rest.

On the second application my hair is a auburn color, which to me is fine because I like red hair and it suits my complexion, but for those who want the blond shown on the box, it wouldn’t be acceptable.

I was definitely impressed by the way it blends and fades from light to dark. I was worried that it would be to sudden of a transition, but it turned out great.

Those individuals with natural ( un colored hair) might have a better experience with this product.

But I would not recommend this to those who have dark or coloured hair.