I couldn’t wait to try this mascara because of all the rave reports I have heard. People literally couldn’t say enough good things about this product, so I thought I should definitely give it a go!

The first thing I dislike is the shape of the brush. It’s very tapered at the end and requires weird angles for application. In the process I smudge mascara all over the place, and still have lashes that aren’t coated.

The consistency of the product is very thick, so it does indeed give volume but makes the lashes look a bit clumpy in my opinion. The combination of the oddly shaped brush and the thick product also makes clumps accumulate in between the bristles which then end up on your lashes.

The 360 wand is a bit of a miss for me as well. No matter how talented you are, you are not going to get that wand to move while you apply your mascarra. I don’t even notice this feature when using the product.