I tried out the Ralo brand matt top coat nail polish. Not sold. Not impressed. Waste of my money.
After the initial coat the nail polish does not take long to dry. Once it has dried its not entirely matt, it still has a slight shine. So therefore I cannot be called a matt top coat, because it does not matify at all. I even attempted applying it onto my nails without a first coat of nail polish. Although the matt nail polish is clear, it discolors very easily even just by rubbing against my clothing. And when I rubbed my nails, the “matt” nail polish made my nails look like I had just buffed it. I had even tried the gel finish nail polish which is said to have a professional gel finish, the nail polish was red. But it was translucent even after 3 coats. Not impressed at all. Wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.
Lesson learned. Don’t buy cheap nail polish.