The Dr. Miracle’s Daily Moisturising Gro Oil is meant to help repair damaged hair and promote the growth of healthy hair.
As a person whose hair has been damaged through relaxing, I am always on the hunt for a product that will inject life into my hair.

This hair oil has the usual consistency of any other oil. It however, has a very subtle but pleasant scent.
I apply it directly onto my scalp through the “spouted” end of the bottle and use my fingers to rub the oil onto my scalp and hair.

My scalp instantly feels moisturised and so does my hair. There is no heavy greasiness in my hair, however, the oil gets all over your hands, so you have to make sure you wash them before you touch and stain your clothes and other items.

I have not used it as a hot oil treatment (which you can do), because I do not know how to do a hot oil treatment, unfortunately.