The Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art combines a creamy colour with some glitzy liner. The product is aimed at creating a basic eye colour with some popping glitter, being easy to use and simplified with only one product in your make-up bag. The tube has double-sided applicators. It’s small so fits your handbag and can be a handy accessory for those days you need a touch up. The tube itself is not visually alluring, but practical and odourless. The base colour is a lovely creamy texture, and the glitter has a thinner wand and is of a more sticky consistency. It lasts a work-day, provided it thoroughly dries when first applied. The blue base colour was a bit dull. The glitter enhances the look, but is best suited to after work drinks. I liked the result of the product in its easy to use application. I would purchase a brown colour.