I purchased the Caribbean Tan in a Can with the express purpose of getting an even tan over my body as have different tan lines due to my various sports clothing (the dreaded triathlon tan). Having being advised by the Clicks sales assistant to go with the mousse rather than the spray, it was definitely the right choice.  The applicator is easy to apply, there is minimal mess and the mousse has a light but dense enough texture to apply. But the bottle does need to be vigorously shaken in between applications to ensure the mousse remains aerated. As stipulated you need to wait about 8 hours for the tan to develop and the end result was very pleasing. My tan came out light golden brown with no yellow colouring at all. Its lightly fragranced, well priced and best of all a South African product! I’ll definitely be purchasing it again especially as I only used just under half of the bottle on the first application. This is a 5 star product