I’ve been using this Intensive Lip Repair Balm in conjunction with the Nourishing Lip Balm, and the results are simply amazing without a doubt. My lips have been horribly chapped and hurt due to the weather and I wanted instant relief and this was my solution.

This balm comes in a frosted glass pot, which has a pure white lid with the figure eight in different sizes and the Red Door Intensive Lip Repair Balm label. I feel this product has a really classy look and for the price and quality of the product, you really getting the best treatment by using the product.

The formula is a lovely rich creamy gel which is similar to petroleum jelly. It’s a lovely peachy colour with the original eight hour protectant cream scent. This amazing balm delivers intense, long-lasting moisture that immediately soothes lips. The best part about this amazing balm is that it also helps strengthen lip’s delicate moisture barrier, leaving lips healthier-looking and more beautiful than ever.

This amazing balm contains :
Shea Butter
Palm Tree Butter
Essential Fatty Acids
Honey Extract
This intense mixture of emollients helps seal in moisture as it smoothes and softens lips.

To help heal dry, chapped lips and create a protective film to help hold moisture on the skin the product contains :
Arnica Flower Oil

To help condition, smooth and repair the look of lips, the product contains :
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Watercress Extract

And last but not least, to provide immediate soothing relief, the product contains :
Menthol Lactate

PRO’s and CON’s of the Intensive Lip Repair Balm

The balm is nourishing
The balm leaves lips soft
The balm contains vitamins
The balm heals chapped lips
The balm leaves lips soft and smooth
The balm is refreshing
The balm is non sticky
The balm is not heavy or waxy
The balm needs a small amount
The product comes in a pot which is a bit unhygienic
The product is expensive
The product has the strange scent
The pot has a small amount of balm
The balm isn’t SPF20

This balm has a soothing effect as soon as its applied to lips. The balm goes on smooth and feels silky on lips, there’s no sticky feeling or no heavy waxy feeling on lips. As soon as the balm is applied on lips, lips have a cool menthol feel on lips which is absolutely refreshing. I would really recommend you purchase this product because its an amazing balm and is perfect for the winter blues to help lips and give lips the TLC they deserve. The balm can be used over lipstick or by itself for protection. The balm has a lovely sheer and glossy feel so it can be used as a lip gloss replacement. Lips only need a small amount of balm to be protected for hours. The balm is in a pot which can be unhygienic, however I apply the balm with a cotton bud because its cleaner and the bud has a perfect application. The balm retails for R175