When I first sampled this some time back, I didn’t like it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am referring more to the texture than anything else… Because the formula is so thick, It made me feel sort of claustrophobic when I had it on my skin…

So when I received this, I just thought to myself, it has amazing reviews, i just need to get over myself and try it. The safest place and time to give it a go would be on my feet at bed time.

So I applied the 8 hour cream to my footsies, wrapped them up in my fav snuggle socks and off to sleep I went (In all honesty in the middle of the night I had numerous urges to take off my socks and wash my feet – I’m weird, I know hehe)

I can truly say that I am uber happy I stuck in there!! My feet were left amazingly soft to the touch, the dryness of my heels seemed like it was never there in the first place, and my skin looked beautiful and glowing!

I am now a convert… I’ll try and give it a go on my hands, and I read on 1 review that it makes an awesome lip balm which I will try as well. Im really happy I tried this :)