I have combination skin and A LOT of blackheads. This is what fueled my decision to buy Eucerin DermoPURIFYING Scrub (at this point I was not very clued up with what is good and what isn’t, but the Eucerin promise to not dry me out while purify my skin from blackheads, which sounded perfect).

I was disappointed when using the product as it immediately dried me out- I could instantly feel my skin tightening while washing my face and it was imperative to use a hydrating moisturizer after. I don’t mind using moisturizers but I feel it shouldn’t be necessary to strip my face of all the good sebum, and then reapply it topically by help of a cream.

After some research, I learned that I most likely had this drying reaction due to the alcohol content in the product. I have since then stopped using the product and I am now fighting the battle of returning to a normal pH level.

It wasn’t all bad, though I did find that my face felt soft to the touch- something that doesn’t always happen as I tend to get flaky or grainy a lot.

The microgranules were soft enough to not be rough on my face during the actual washing process.

The tube is see-through, which I love, as it allows me to see how much of the product is left.

It is reasonably priced and retails at R84-95 at Dis-Chem stores, which is great for bargain hunters.

In addtion, the other Eucerin product I used to combat the dryness was great (although I think had I used this on it’s own as it would’ve made me overly oily.)

I would recommend this product to people with very oily skin, however to people with normal, dry and combination skin I would certainly say STAY AWAY- even if it promises to be gentle and blackhead busting, it WILL leave you feeling tight and dry.