I’ve been using this day cream for a month now. When I first took a bit out of the pot to apply it and felt the very thick, rich consistency, I was sure it was going to make my skin look oily, especially in my T-zone. I was in for a surprise! Although very nourishing and thick, as soon as I apply this cream it draws into my skin and makes it feel super soft and well hydrated. It has a very mild “natural” scent, and did not cause any breakouts at all. I find it creates a lovely smooth base for which to apply foundation, and keeps my skin moisturised all day. In a way it almost has the same effect as The Body Shop Instablur Primer from that perspective, in my opinion. I love that it has a built-in SPF 15.
The only reason I couldn’t give this great product 5 stars, is because (as with the eye cream) the gold writing on the label rubs off on your fingers shortly after you start using the product, which means you can get gold “glitter” on your face if you don’t handle the pot with care. It’s a shame because aside of that, I love the packaging…very classy little glass pot and gold lid.