I own quite a few of the Avon Lip Crayons and they are incredibly creamy and easy to apply. At first I was hesitant of using a lip crayon, as I had never used something like it before. I was incredibly surprised to find that the lip crayons are very easy to apply and last really long. By long I mean, they last through graduation and all the antics that follow.

For my graduation I decided to use a red Avon lip crayon, as the colour was really nice and seemed like something I could easily apply throughout the day for photo’s. It has a wind-up mechanism, so as you twist the bottom, the crayon comes out and is shaped like a crayon. In this way you can control the amount of product that comes up and also protect it by twisting it the opposite direction so it retracts.

The graduation day is quite a long day of getting dressed and doing makeup, traveling, collection of attire, waiting to be seated and then the whole ceremony, and of course LOTS of photo’s. The avon lip crayon lasted the whole day and I didn’t have to touch it up. It also did’nt bleed around my lip, which some lipsticks do.

I love these products and I highly recommend you try it out!