First impressions of a product always come from the packaging and Maybelline isn’t doing themselves any favours with their Fit Me Blush. It comes in a rectangular case with the square blush on the one side and a small flat brush on the other. The transparent plastic cover is very flimsy and I feel like it’s going to break off every time I open it. The brush that comes with the blush is not great, the bristles are hard and scratched my face. I used my own blusher brush with this blusher and this was much better.

The range of colours is great, they have divided their whole range into fair, medium and dark skin tone so you know exactly where to start looking for your perfect match. There is not much pigment in this blush and unlike many other blushers that go on too dark you won’t see much the first time you sweep it on. However, it is very easy to layer the colour on and you can make it exactly as light or dark as you like it. I predict that having to use this much blush every time you apply it will mean it finishes fairly quickly but I’ll have to see. The over-all effect is very natural, it doesn’t have a shimmer and you really do look like you have a very natural glow.

I loved the colour and it is by far the most natural looking blusher I have ever used but it only lasted 2 hours before I had to reapply. I tried it with primer and foundation, only primer, only foundation with no improvement- this is definitely not a blush you can put on in the morning and forget about for the rest of the day.