For years I wondered how girls managed to look so well put together and perfect when leaving a club after a night home. Conversely, I avoided looking in the mirror when I got home knowing the horror or black mascara rings and a stray red zit were bound to be staring back at me.For years, I longed to be one of ‘those girls’ who always looked stunning and fresh on their way home.

After plucking up the courage to ask one of ‘those girls’ how they did it, she quietly told me about her secret- Mac Fix+… and so my transformation to one of ‘those girls’ began.

Now, after applying my make-up and allowing my mascara to dry, a couple of sprays of Mac Fix+ ensures that no amount of dancing and socializing jeopardizes my fresh just-applied make-up look.

Mac Fix+ is also light, smells great and is perfect for sensitive eyes should a mishap take place every now and again. If you’re hoping to become one of ‘those girld’- I suggest you invest in Mac Fix+ right away!