Being a Civil Engineer and a beach lover, my skin is often exposed to the sun all day, leaving my face shiny, sticky and often burnt.

I decided to try Maybelline Clear Smooth All-In-One Shine Free Cake Powder, 02 Nude Beige, based in the packaging. The compact is an attractive round edged rectangular shape, it has a nice big mirror (as opposed to small round compacts) and the application sponge is found next to the powder. I really dislike the compacts where you have to flip the part of powder up to retrieve the application sponge in the compartment underneath, I often end up cracking my powders, and makes retrieving the sponge underneath a messy job!

The powder really does what its meant to do! My skin is left flawless and shine-free almost all day (I apply the powder twice a day). I am also very happy of the fact that this powder has a SPF of 25 as well, which is great in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines due to skin damage!

Seeing as I have sensitive skin, which often powders leave my skin itching or feeling caked up, this powder is light and I get the feeling my skin is still able to “breathe”.

All in all, I love this product and if I didn’t want to test out other powders, I would wear this everyday for the rest of my life! It’s also affordable!

If you’re looking for a powder to provide all day shine control, UV protection, fairer skin, concealment, long wear, smoothing, evening and gentleness on skin, I recommend Maybelline Clear Smooth All-In-One Shine-Free Cake Powder!