I don’t know about you but I get really tired of the whole make- up routine. So thought, let me buy this, at 1st I though err… R240 is a bit steep. Anyway I tested it on my entire face .

I could instantly see it adjust to my skin tone, it did not make me darker or lighter, gave me minimal coverage with that “I got the juice glow”. I loved it but I was still was not convinced so I went about my day walking around in the mall, even watched the Jungle Book.

Hours later and guess what ? I’m still glowing, no oil build up and no stains on my clothes, yes, Lord.

Two weeks later, I am still happy. I am a recovering from acne, if there is such a thing. No break outs or clogged pores. My spots aren’t that bad but need that bit of coverage. I look natural with good skin.

I love this, my skin feels and looks amazing !

Try it.