To me there is nothing worse than having CAKE on your face.

What is this girl on about?? Well have you ever seen a woman’s face so thickly laden with foundation and powder that you could just scrape it off with a knife? Mmm, there is nothing like that caked make-up look! We may love to eat cake ladies, but let’s face it, no one likes to wear it!!

It’s easy to get this horrendous look, the hard part is finding products that give you the same confident cover, without that cakey effect. Smashbox has made it just that much easier for us ladies! Their foundations leave your skin feeling nourished and soft, smooth and flawless, NOT caked and heavy! And, the same goes for their amazing Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder!

This is more than just a powder! It smooths, covers and corrects without even making itself known. That’s right, the focus stays on YOU, not your “cakey” make-up! It’s a loose powder, so you can determine how much you need for each application and the rest stays safe and sound in its little compartment, that’s right, NO wastage! So this truly is a powder from a professional brand with professional results. All this in a convenient, money saving case.

What’s not to love??